Ways you can go mad with power!





So many people would be purged. Seriously, I would rate at least three SI Hitlers. Maybe a hundred. Mandatory licenses for the privilege of breeding, with yearly reviews. Directed eugenics programs to increase the general fitness of humanity. Seriously, the human body is so inefficient.

Massive SCIENCE budgets. Progress at any cost. Criminals convicted of capital crimes would be experimented upon, for the good of the people. Mandatory organ donation.

Excellent uniforms of the military. Uniforms have to be both snazzy and functional.

Overwhelming, total response to any dissent. Dissenters would be publicly executed to the second generation out.

Apart from that, love, peace, and SCIENCE, I guess?



First things first I’d get myself a right fancy tiara, and wear it all the time, nothing wrong with delusions of royalty.

Then compulsory microchips, not to track people, but so that everyone would have everything they ever needed in an easily accessed database, they’d never have to search through old paperwork again.

Fancy clothes for everyone, I’d have a team of people just to make sure everyone is nicely dressed. Also UGGs and Crocs would be banned and punishable by death.

Aside from that, education for all, equal rights for everybody, and cookies for all.


anit the Flea:

For one I’m not really interested in worldwide domination but if I had to this would be the basis of my mostly benign reign.

Spartan armour and swanky uniforms for military.

A team of seamstresses and such at my beck and call to create anything worth making and distributing to the masses.

High standards for cruelty free farming, etc.

Freedom of education for all and the right to relocate to a country whose laws better suit your own moral system.

All people who wish to rape, murder, be raped and be murdered are to be relocated to an island state where such behaviour is legal and there are no visitors!



I’ll have to keep this one short, from a combination of sleepiness and understandable caution.  I keep accidentally chaotic evilling all over the place.

I guess I’d start with the very best of intentions, trying to solve things, but I have a feeling I’d end up some combination of /pol/ and Death Note, genociding anything I arbitrarily decide is not doing good.

Despite my intentions and my awareness of super-villian tropes, I’d be taken down relatively easily.  I would not be able to refrain from dramatic expressions, speeches and giving the opposition chances.  But I’d probably nuke a city each time a monologue was interrupted.  Monologues are important.

So in conclusion, as everyone else said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  And I have so many good intentions.

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