Time Travel Shennanigans

Or: If someone doesn’t come back to stop you, it mustn’t be that bad of an idea.


If you can time-travel and didn’t come back to stop Hitler, they were obviously pro-hitler.

Alternatively, since no time-travellers have come back to kill Hitler, he must have been the best option.


Let’s not get into closed time-like loops, and whether there are fixed points in time or not.


marsy: Time travel has proven the parallel universe theory, since Goku and Vegeta are gay.

Windfyre: my time machine totally works on the power of Goku and Vegeta banging in SSJ4 form in the back.

marsy: That’s cosy.

To clarify, it’s in the movieverse that Goku and Vegeta are gay.

The thread has derailed into how sex in SSJ3 form would work. Ebolabooze is not typing any more. Nope nope nope nope. I’ll explain when you’re older.


All: Fuck time travel.


There are already far too many JRPGs that fuck with time travel.

lorekai’s take on time travel is that one can only travel back within your lifetime. Her official stance is that time travel is far too complicated.

The majority opinion is that most consistent theory of time travel without the creation of parallel universes is that everything that you did in the past has already happened, and that’s how history was made.




There are enough paradoxes already, go wikipedia them. Totally not taking down this conversation.


Totally going to time travel now to tell wildfillysama to update her fanfiction.


Hint Hint.

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