EbolaBooze’s Astro Corner: 47 Tucanae

Whew, it’s been a while since I posted one of these!

Blame inclement and uncooperative weather for the lack of pictures.

This here is 47 Tucanae, one of the largest, and the second brightest globular cluster in our night sky. Easily visible to the naked eye from dark skies, and very easily seen through even a modestly-sized telescope.

47 Tucanae

Unfortunately, this object is only visible to observers in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s quite a large cluster in terms of area covered as well, the the outer halo of stars coving an area around the same size as the full moon.

The image is a composite of 113 sub-frames in LRGB, averaging 11 minutes of exposures per filter.

Clear skies!

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