marsy: Reviewing some books

Today is another day for reviewing books. Book book.


Let’s start with World War Z by Max Brooks. It’s a zombie book, if you couldn’t tell, and it’s set after World War Z (which is the name given to the zombie uprising) has ended. If you’ve seen the movie, then now is the time to forget about it completely – this book has only one thing in common with it really, and that’s that there are zombies. They’re not even the same type of zombies in the movie. Anyway. So, the basic premise of the book is a writer getting personal accounts from survivors of the zombie war. It’s pretty interesting actually, and one of the only zombie things I’ve come across that’s set after the apocalypse and where the human side has won. Definitely not a challenging read, but a good one anyway.


18712886Next up is Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. This is one that I really enjoyed, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one (which probably won’t be out for a long while). The unsuspecting teenager turning out to be royalty trope is a very common, and perhaps overused, one, but this book does it quite well. The main character, Kelsea, becomes the Queen of the Tearling upon turning 19. The kingdom lost a war a while ago, and the Regent has been ruling very poorly, so it’s a lot of work for the new Queen. Typical fantasy stuff really. Has magic. I like magic. What I found interesting is that the setting is actually seemingly post-apocalyptic. The people in the current land sailed over from Europe many years ago (for reasons undisclosed) but lost a lot of technology/information. I’m keen to see how that turns out. There’s also supposed to be a movie adaptation in the works, with Emma Watson playing the main character (who is supposed to be quite plain looking, so I’m not sure how they worked that one out). Should be interesting to see.



Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer is book one of the Southern Reach Trilogy. This was quite a short book, but one I felt compelled to read in one sitting. Expeditions keep going out to the mysterious Area X, but they never return or, if they do return, it’s through inexplicable means and they either die of cancer soon after or commit suicide. This books follows the 12th expedition and is narrated by a woman who is only known as the biologist. Most of the characters are only identified by their roles in the expedition, which I thought was quite interesting. The writing style gives the book a very unsettling feel, but it also makes you really curious about what’s coming next. I should be getting a copy of the second book in a couple of days, and the third one has just come out too (the fact that all three were released in the same years seemed an odd choice to me, but there you go), so hopefully all will be explained because the first one didn’t really answer any of my questions at all. This is good for anyone looking for a quick but kind of confusing read, I guess.



Abalus In the Beginning by Stephen L. Padley. Another post-apocalyptic one (I seem to read a lot of those recently). Don’t want to give to much away, but basically the world was changed by the development of nanomas (a type of nanomachine), leading to a regression in technology. 15 year old Abalus and his family are caught in possession of forbidden books, and taken to a prison facility. A boy called Shaun helps Abalus escape, and they set off to discover why the world is the way it is. I can’t really say more without giving away major plot points, but it’s a good book. You should read it.



Exodus 2015 The Cloud is the sequel to Abalus In the Beginning. This one tells the tale of the nanoma takeover and how the apocalypse began. Not much else to say other than that. Also good. Read this one too.


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