Friday Free For All: Hatoful Boyfriend or You WHAT mate!?

As we are all together once again, this Friday was dedicated to the wonderful(?) game known as Hatoful Boyfriend, better known as that pidgeon dating sim. Here follows some general thoughts about the game.

marsy: U WOT M8!?

Windfyre: !

anit the flea: This pidgeon dating sim, is not a dating sim at all.

lorekai: Having played through the entire game already, I second this thought. It’s all a cruel trap to lure you into a false sense of security.

wildfillysama: Surprisingly deep for pidgeons, far more cleavers than I would have ever of thought necessary.

marsy: It’s not okay to eat your classmates.

Ebolabooze: I’m sure that there are lessons to be learned in this game.

wildfillysama: Mostly about evidence disposal.

General consensus: The moral of the story is, U WOT M8!?


Before we return to our wonderful game here are¬†everybirdies’ favourite pidgeon, and their ideal pidgeon boyfriend.

lorekai: Anghel for both, I enjoy his brand of crazy.

anit the flea: My favourite pidgeon is definitely the doctor because that’s when I realised this was NOT a dating sim, but if we’re talking dating material I’ve gotta go with Yuuya and his trash can digging hair clips…

Windfyre: Kazuaki, zzz…

wildfillysama: Shuu is both favourite and ideal pidgeon, because crazy scientist is a strange brand of familiar. Also, his was the first path that I saw and it sticks in the mind rather a lot.

EbolaBooze: Shuu is the favourite because I sense a kindred spirit. Pidgeon husbando would probably be Kazuaki. Naptimes are super comfy.

marsy: Everyone better back off of Kazuaki – I claimed him as my husbando first! Maths and napping are the closest things to my heart.

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