wildfillysama: Cosplay with horses

There be demons out there, and they’re all dressed up and showing off just how inept they are at horses.

Attack on Titan has some of the worst offenders out there at the moment. Here are just a few pictures taken from google image search.


First up, this horse is in English tack, including a definitely non-canon bridle. The horse is also chestnut, which is a colour that never appears in the anime. The rider is sitting well, and her cosplay is pretty good, but she’s been completely let down by the lack of costume for her horse. Dedication, people!


Same cosplayer, now holding the reins badly and making her horse go “WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM”. Sort of canon, but mostly not. 0/10

This one just makes me cringe. This horse is in disgraceful condition and the rider/cosplayer hasn’t a damn clue what they’re doing in the saddle. The gear is inaccurate, the cosplayer’s hands are all over the place, and the horse’s disastrous ewe-neck and rubbish overall body health is seriously distracting.


The photoshop is strong with this one, but even that doesn’t hide the horse’s overall stress and shameful condition. Yuck. -100/10


For the record, this is what the horses should look like. Cosplayers wanting to do an accurate Attack on Titan horse cosplay should look for a Thoroughbred in either bay, grey, or liver chestnut. Saddle cloths should be red and western cut, with either a basic western saddle or stock saddle with a high pommel, but the headgear is a simple snaffle bit fitted to an English hanoverian-style bridle (cavesson noseband or sometimes a dropped noseband, depending on the animation shot). Saddle bags and breast plates are occasionally worn, but since the saddle bags appear to be worn on the shoulder in the anime I wouldn’t recommend doing that part of the costume, especially if you’re riding at speed. You’re just asking for rub marks otherwise…

Some tips for cosplaying with horses:

1. ONLY USE HEALTHY HORSES. Photographic evidence is a damning thing.

2. There is a LOT of cool horse gear out there and it’s pretty easy to mod your own stuff to be costume-accurate. Be conscious of fit and comfort for the horse.

3. Get some lessons or some tips on how to sit on a horse confidently before taking your photos. There’s nothing funnier looking than a supposedly confident character sitting on a horse like they’re about to slide off and die.

Here is an epic Brave cosplay for inspiration. Enjoy!


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