Friday-Free-For-All: Exciting New Game

Tonight, the six angry alpha nerds have been playing an incredibly exciting and amazingly engineered game, with truly cutting-edge graphics. It’s called Crash Team Racing.


Alternatively, we pulled the Playstation 1 out of the cupboard, dusted it off a bit, and realised that the old illegal copy of Crash Team Racing still works. And then shenanigans ensued. Cutting-edge best describes the incredibly sharp angles of all the characters’ faces and the cut-throat tactics employed to win races.

Here are some of our thoughts on the game…

marsy is the champion. The champion of driving into the things she just fired. But still the champion. Coco Bandicoot is best racer.

lorekai stands by Tiny Tiger, lorekai is also complete crap at racing games, so perhaps picking a character with actual turning ability would be a better idea. Whatever, I shall stick by my childhood self’s fondness for spiky shoulders.

anit the Flea enjoys Pokemon X despite the poor post game play and lame ass villain group. Talonflame is a breeding machine and pimp making it easier to grind for shinies. Crash Team Racing is a suitably colourful background for said grinding.

wildfillysama’s favourite character is Pora. Cute bouncy tiger that has the power of corners is kind of excellent. I like to artistically leave TNT all over the place…

EbolaBooze never had the dubious privilege of playing this game in his childhood, and is generally terrible at driving games. It is a fun spectator sport though. Shouting at lorekai is amusing.

Windfyre is an old pro from his days on the track in the early 2000’s.  His favourite has to be Coco, who just seems to be the best.  The trauma from the final boss still remains in his heart.

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