marsy: Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Demo review

Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers for the Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Demo, I guess. Not that there’s really all that much to be spoiled.

This morning I was delighted to see an email from Nintendo with a download code for the demo version of the new pokemon games. My excitement levels have built up again. The demo is pretty fun – you have 10 quest type things to play through, and you can repeat them if you want. The main bonus of the demo is that you get a Glalie with a mega stone to have in your game when you get it. Mega Glalie is genuinely quite terrifying. You also get things like pokeballs and healballs to transfer to the new games.

Graphics are pretty much the same as in X&Y. New sneaky walk function is pretty cute. Flying on Latios/Latias is cute too. Boy character is called Orlando, it would seem. Girl character unnamed as far as I’m aware. Not sure how the music sounds because my volume was down while I played.

Simply put, if you can get a copy of this demo then you should, because it’s fun. Good way to kill some time while on the bus. You’ll just have to wait for the games to be released otherwise. Just over a month left. That’s not too long, right?

2 responses to “marsy: Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Demo review

  1. This is a legitimate question: Where do I put the code to download the demo??
    As in, what site or Nintendo e-shop or where. I’m not so fluent in Japanese to understand it. I can figure out the games, no problem but getting there…
    I have my code. Just not sure what to do now. Please help

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