Too much FPS, not enough PMP

Or: The Alpha Nerds review F.E.A.R. (PMP is peed my pants)

anit: Too slow a burn, maybe a little heavy handed with foreshadowing? Hilarious physics glitches.

marsy: 50 Shades of Beige. So beige that my hot pink tongue piercing broke.

windfyre: Was hoping for a game that would make sure I wouldn’t sleep. Totally brought those spare trousers for nothing.

wildfillysama: I got… nuthin. Beige was taken from me. Vents are still a bad idea.

lorekai: The graphics have aged well for a 2005 game. Ladders and doors are there to be used, not avoided. (THIS MEANS YOU, EBOLABOOZE)

EbolaBooze: I’ve played the game before, but still had to look up walkthroughs because I got lost. Ruined the immersion totally. My bad.

Have a good night, and stay away from the LSD water.


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