wildfillysama: Nanowrimo – Day 3

Nanowrimo Day: 3

Words Written: 3,433

Words Should Have Written: 5001

Verdict: I need to stop doing other stuff.


Despite being a bit behind in the projected word count, I’m actually pretty happy with how my Nanowrimo is going!

Most writing has been done in three short bursts, and I’m hoping to do a make-up session tonight to catch up to the rest of the projected count. At the moment, I’m not writing the story in chronological order. Instead, I’m writing some individual development scenes that are meant to take place in the early stages of the novel. Key words so far: chickens, paddock ghost, popcorn. Fun times!

Another approach that I’m trying this time is not to write massive slabs of text. I’m aiming to write short scenes that can be laced together to make more interesting opening chapters overall.

Also, in between working on the story, I’ve been editing some poems and sending work off to journals for consideration. Wooo progress!

Some current thoughts on Nanowrimo:

1. The daily word counter/projector isn’t working at the moment. Argh.

2. Feeling cautiously optimistic.

3. Stop talking about chickens.

4. Dialogue is going well so far. All three characters who’ve had a chance to speak haven’t been too annoying. Some senses of humour are also appearing. Huzzah!


Good luck with your novels!

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