wildfillysama: Nanowrimo – Day 10

Nanowrimo Day: 10

Words Written: 12,257

Words Should Have Written: 16,667

Verdict: Life is distracting and I want my money back.


Nanowrimo’s website was a bit flaky of recent, with its dodgy word counter and tendency to crash, but it’s a paragon of reliability compared to my writing output of recent. Two days without any writing, coupled with some lacklustre attempts at making the recommended word count, have not been kind to me. On the bright side though, lots of new scenes and dialogue have been written! The book is starting to look like it’s going somewhere, and I no longer fear that readers will be bored to death in the process. Fingers crossed that’s how it’s going to stay…


Current plot points include: toast-eating couch gremlins, when is a bushfire not a bushfire, brooms do not prevent abductions, strangers in cars have the best sandwiches, and my boss is a crazy person but probably doesn’t intend for me to die.

What can I say, it’s been a lot of fun so far, even with the less than full-on output levels!


In the meantime, one of my excuses for not writing was my going on a roadtrip to see my old horse’s first foal. Summary of foal: freaking adorable. Summary of my old horse: has surprised everyone and not eaten her own offspring. Much delight has been had and cuteness very much made a fuss over. Here’s a picture, since I’m essentially a proud grandmother right now.

Rinjani 2

How freaking adorable are these two?? Good luck with your writing projects!

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