wildfillysama: Nanowrimo – Day 17

Nanowrimo Day: 17

Words Written: 28,363

Words Should Have Written: 28,339

Verdict: My eyes, oh gods, my eyes.


I’ve overtaken the counter for the first time!!

Admittedly, that was after a considerable struggle. On Saturday morning a grim pact was made between myself, the counter, and my sanity: I needed to make up all the lost ground I’d created via laziness and skipped writing days. As a result, the missing 4700 words were hammered out in one glorious morning of frantic typing. Sweet was the victory, agonised were the fingers, dim were the eyes (and questionable the content).

But still… success!

I’ve found the writing process to be pretty interesting so far. Characters who I’d planned to leave for later have been roped into the story and are making a compelling argument for their continued place there. Characters who weren’t meant to be very helpful are suddenly being less cryptic because they’re sick of other characters jerking them around. In short, I’m actually having fun with this, even though I’m not using weird prompts any more. The characters and plot are actually settling down and getting into gear.

It kind of feels like it’s turning into a novel… I think I might be sick.

Not much long to go now – good luck with your novels! Type through the pain!



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