wildfillysama: Nanowrimo Day 24 (Intermission)

Words written: 36,519

Words should have written: 40,008

Verdict: 3 days off, plus a flight = not conducive to typing.

Also, I’m knackered.

This is why I should never remark on how well things are going; it will always invite disaster and/or disarray. In fairness, this has come in the form of a few days visiting friends in the south, then flying up to Hong Kong to visit family/do immigration stuff. However, my tentative lead has slipped.

Tomorrow and beyond will be a quick and brutal round of catch-up. Hopefully.

Moral of the story: no fun allowed in Nanowrimo. Only typing. Billions of typing.

On the bright side, the novel continues to be novel-shaped, which makes a pleasant change from the usual sea of notes, mismatching dialogue and vagaries that usually make up my attempts at writing fiction. The end is in sight, and it may even be legible.


Watch this space… and good luck with your novels!

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