wildfillysama: Nanowrimo – The Final Result

1526848_10152856419114323_8720131510297968200_nVictory is mine! Final word count: 50,028

I think I need a new keyboard.


It wasn’t pretty by any sense of the word. The last three days of Nanowrimo were absolutely appalling, and the fiction that spawned from them equally questionable. I was more than 9000 words behind schedule last Friday and needed to make up the headway almost all in one sitting. There was blood, sweet, way too much coffee, a cricked neck, and some questionable casting choices involved. I have no idea why characters have done they things they did. I’ve written a massive plot hole that threatens to destroy the entire world.

But hey… progress, right?

Now for the tricky part: sifting the trash from the treasure, rearranging floating bits of story, and taking out all the bits that just don’t work. I’m cautiously optimistic. Next week I hope to have most of it patchworked into a workable story, because I’m unreasonable like that.


I hope that everyone has enjoyed (ha!) their Nanowrimo experience, and that their novels are shiny and resplendent.

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