wildfillysama: Why I haven’t done my homework

I was meant to edit my Nanowrimo novel work last weekend. Technically, I did edit some of it… just not nearly as much as I’d meant to do. 32 pages is better than nothing, right? But here is what I did instead:

1. Stalk mare and foal around a paddock, taking a few hundred photos.

2. Feed dried coconut to myriad of adorable small birds, one of which came to perch on my chair (almost my foot) to demand further snacks.

3. Chased a VERY LARGE lizard around a living room with a broom until it was embarrassed enough for the both of us to leave.

4. Chased another RIDICULOUSLY LARGE lizard around the living room, which outwitted me by climbing the walls to evade the poking of the broomstick. It resides on the carvings above the windowsill to this day, I believe.

5. Bothered mare and foal some more, mostly with slavish adoration and grooming. Also liberal posting-in of carrots and feed.

6. Defended veggie garden from four marauding chickens.

7. Spent about 7 hours driving back and forth between home and the house where all these creatures were residing.

In short, I had a pretty awesome time house-sitting last weekend. Editing fiction was an after-thought, but at least some got done. I hope that everyone else, if you were editing or meaning to do something more productive than frolic amongst animals, have been more successful!

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