wildfillysama: Eventing in the Park

I spent a fair portion of yesterday sitting in a surprisingly low fold-out chair, eating ice cream, nursing a hangover, and watching horses creatively tell their riders that they really weren’t keen on water jumps.

Eventing at the Park is an annual event that features grand prix showjumping and cross-country jumps, all in the same event. Riders also have the option to attempt the challenge fence, in hopes of removing some of their accumulated penalty points. Clear rounds were few and far between. A few observations:

1. The announcer was a moron. I would have happily paid for him to shut up. Highlights included consistently announcing the wrong competitor, calling warmbloods “warm-breds” as though they were a bakery product, being unable to pronounce famous stud names or breeds of horse, and nearly causing an accident by calling one of the riders as ‘eliminated’ and getting the next competitor to come galloping in, nearly colliding with the original competitor who was not eliminated and still jumping the course.

2. The horses with the least shank to their bits did best. Just sayin’…

3. The horses who were never touched with the whip did best. See above…

4. Cross country jumps still look terrifying.

I managed to get a few photos. Here is one of the more entertaining ones.


(The horse bolted upon landing – funnily enough, the horse with the heaviest and least forgiving bit/hackamore combination in the whole event had the worst respect for the bridle… sigh)



Gorgeous little horse this one – pretty sure he won overall.

The rest are the least-awful photos I took all day. Clearly I am not meant to be a photographer.




IMG_1696Overall it was a very fun day and the seats were brilliant 😀

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