lorekai: It’s too hot…

I hate summer, I really really do. The heat chases me out of my room during the day, and makes it difficult for me to sleep at night, it’s most annoying.

So as a result, and also due to the fact that my PS3 is still downstairs from when I was watching Lord of the Rings, my life now revolves around Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, which is not a bad thing. I’ve played my way through most of II, and I’m now left with the decision of whether to fight the final boss, and move on to Birth by Sleep, my favourite Kingdom Hearts game, or to level up my drive forms and explore the Cavern of Remembrance, to gain access to all the new optional boss fights. It’s a tough decision, though nothing is stopping from doing both, except for the fact if I start Birth by Sleep, I won’t go back to II for a long time.

And I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got this week, truth be told I forgot it was a Thursday, and now I’m running out of Thursday, sorry for two short posts in a row. Thanks for reading.