lorekai: I’ll be honest, I have nothing to post about.

Aside from the fact the water mains to our house burst recently, and my favourite tree had to be removed for it to be fixed. Worse still, it came with the house so, I don’t even know what type of tree it was so it’s going to be very hard find a replacement. It’s a little upsetting, it was a very good tree for ikebana.

That’s all I’m afraid, I’ve had some horrible luck these past couple of weeks, so there is very little I want to talk about.

lorekai: I got a bit distracted…

Change of plans I’m afraid, had hoped to finish off my Final Fantasy posts today but life got a bit in the way, you’d think that when you pre-order a game they’d actually have the game available at a reasonable time on the day it comes out, but no apparently it doesn’t work that way, so I haven’t had a chance to play Lightning Returns yet. These things happen and it’s not the shop assistants fault, I just wished they hadn’t messaged me in the morning saying it was in when it wasn’t, it was stupidly hot today and I could of done without the extra trip into town.

On a less irritated note, look what I got today.


Something new for me to fail at! I’ve wanted to try to learn how to crochet for a little while now, it’s probably going to go terribly, but it should be an experience if nothing else. Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ll be back to Final Fantasy next week.

wildfillysama: Library Peace

It’s that wonderful time of year.

I don’t mean Christmas, although it’s pretty good too. I’m talking about that wonderful slew of months in which most students are at home, getting smashed or trying to hold down a job for the holidays.

This is the time of year when the libraries on university campus are empty.

So what does this mean, other than that wildfillysama needs to get a life? It means that you can get away with all kinds of things in the library. Things that you can’t do normally. Of course, this includes some pretty normal things like:

1. Access a computer and printer.

2. Find a desk.

3. Find a desk that isn’t covered in rubbish or someone else’s books.

4. Find books.

Instead, you can branch out into much more creative thinking. Today, for example, I have:

1. Run flat-out from one end of the library to the other and not seen another person. (For the record, I was going to the drink fountain but didn’t want to carry my stuff. Mercifully it remained unstolen).

2. Acquire and eat cake in full view of library staff without being murdered.

3. Recline in front of the windows, using the best desk space and power points while cruising the internet and not doing any actual research work.

The next point on my agenda is to build a fort of some kind. This post will now be temporarily suspended while I construct this.


… next time it will have flags and banners. Need to bring scissors and string to the library and get even less work done.