wildfillysama: Procrastination

I’m meant to be editing a paper for an academic journal. For no good reason, I’ve been putting off starting the edits (even though they’re actually pretty easy ones). So far my list of procrastination tactics have included:

1. Building large imaginary shopping carts of stuff I’ll buy online once the US dollar drops again.

2. Redecorating my wardrobe, complete with Ikea trip.

3. Cleaning most of the house in a fit of unprecedented attention to vacuuming.

4. Cleaning the car. (Seriously, it’s that bad)

5. Levelling up a thief character in Skyrim. Looting people’s houses and then parading out while wearing all their stuff that you’ve just nicked is so satisfying.

6. Writing Pokémon fanfiction.

7. Writing and rewriting this blog post.

8. Consuming more Nespresso coffee than is probably safe.

I’m officially a bad person. My sincerest apologies, poor little neglected translation theory paper. I’ll get to you soon!

wildfillysama: Many forms of procrastination

As a side note, here is where I am currently procrastinating:

IMG_2006(Don’t go into the tower. It’s full of asbestos.)


There has been progress (of a sort) on the fiction writing side! Not in the writing-of-fiction sense of the word, just the logistics-of-fiction sense of the word.

I’ve decided to half (double?) my creative writing workload and turn my two fantasy-ish plots into one series.

Mostly this has been done because I was losing interest in one, but didn’t want to let all the work that had already been completed go to waste. I’m clingy like that. So, I’m now going to cross over EVERYTHING. And somehow make it all make sense (which, in fairness, was a problem that I was having anyway). Now, at least, everything will be worked on at once, so they stand a chance of being completed rather than surreptitiously brushed aside in favour of anything else. At the moment, my plan is to get all the groundwork sorted out in time for NaNoWriMo, including re-homing all the bits that have already been written, during which I will then commit to getting all the other stuff written out.

It feels like progress, I guess?

So, by next week’s post I need to report back on how it’s all looking (alternatively, how much cider I’ve consumed in the name of making this work/not work).


Other plans: There’s a convention happening on the 30th August!

Since there is a lot of doubt/fan debate/outright confusion over what the characters from “Welcome to Night Vale” look like, I think I’m going to seize this opportunity to cosplay as one. May have to request a visiting Alpha Nerd to bring me a wig, but otherwise the hardest part of the intended cosplay will just be drawing all over my arms first thing in the morning.


Further plans: I should really do some work… Signing off from amongst the stacks!

IMG_0942(Follow the light… it leads to the coffee shop).

Excuses for Not Doing Astrophotography

Or: I am in air-conditioned comfort and want to stay that way.


As I write this, it is 2130 local time, and the outside air temperature is 38° Celsius. Ideally, I would have dragged my mount and telescope out and started the first of possibly 3 nights worth of exposures for an upcoming picture, but things have come up.


Like my comfort.


And computer games, and thesis writing, and paper writing, and interneting, and work around the house, and looking after my relatives, and more computer games.

Oh, and the possibility that the cooler on my very shiny and very expensive CCD camera might not be able to drop the sensor temperature down to -20°C, for best image results. (Theoretically, it should be able to, but why take the risk of overworking it? I haven’t even watercooled it yet.)


But mostly comfort.


Oh, and the moon is in waxing gibbous phase right now, and right next to Orion, so that’s this season’s four best targets out of the picture. (heh) Also, moving 120+kg worth of equipment seems far more daunting than it actually is when you walk out the door and can feel your eyeballs shrivel and die a little from the heat.


My computer chair is very comfortable, for the record.


I think I’m going to fix myself a snack, and then maybe look up some semi-permanent observatory setups that I can automate. Maybe dream about being able to remotely control my telescope and image from the comfort and convenience of my very own computer chair. Maybe I’ll get to work processing the image for next week’s post.

At any rate, it’ll be something that involves staying in air-conditioned comfort and not battling the heat, the burning winds coming from inland, and the various buzzing, oversized blood-sucking horrors of the Australian night.


Stay in superior comfort, my friends.