wildfillysama: Horses of Middle Earth

To celebrate watching “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” for the second time, I thought I’d do a small post on some of the featured horses in The Hobbit. They’re some interesting characters…


First up is Gandalf’s horse in The Hobbit:


Draysill, also known as “Big Nick”, is an 18hh Clydesdale gelding whose claims to fame include being excessively hairy and carting around a series of stuntriders (and also doing a few stationary green-screen close-ups with Sir Ian McKellan sitting on his back). At only 10 years old, he shows the placid and patient nature that the breed is famed for, as well as great willingness to charge over large grassy plains.

Sadly he is no longer available for sale, otherwise I’d be seriously considering my options. His advert got over 21,000 hits when it was put up. Somewhere out there is the world’s most accurate Gandalf cosplayer right now.


Secondly, Bilbo’s “pony” in The Hobbit, also demonstrating the “I’m not sure I want to do this as a hobby” face:

8pony-copyBilbo’s pony, along with the dwarves’ ponies in this scene, is not actually a pony. All of the ponies here are in fact horses wearing fluffy jackets. I kid you not. If you look closely, you can see where Bilbo’s pony’s suit stops at the neck/jowl area. The dwarven pony behind Bilbo’s mount also has more of a Quarter Horse look to his face as well. There was no way to make full-sized actors look like they were dwarves without giving the horses a bit of a makeover, so director Peter Jackson had fluffy body suits made for each horse so that from a distance (and more or less in close-up shots as well) the horses would look more pony-like.



wildfillysama: Horses in Frozen and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

All 6 angry alpha nerds went to see the Boxing Day release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and yesterday also went to go and see the new Disney movie, Frozen.

Since I didn’t get to say much about it at the time, due to standard cinema etiquette and a challenge from marsy that I couldn’t make it through the whole film without saying something about the horses, I’ll now take the time to do so!

(Also, I failed that challenge. Whatever.)

1. The Hobbit: Gypsy Vanner horses!


This is one of the fabulous mares who featured in the party riding to Mirkwood scenes. Just for the record, I consider horses like Sugar (from the Royal Gypsy stud in New Zealand) to be pretty damn close to hairy perfection. Only issue I had with the film is that they didn’t get much screen time, and were CGI’d to less-hairy oblivion in some of the clips. Much disappointment. But still, the moment the big screen filled with Gypsy Vanners was a great one!

2. Frozen: Fjord ponies!

One of the characters rides a Fjord pony, based on a real horse named Prisco. Here he is in a dressage competition:


Now here he is in the movie:


Apparently Prisco’s owner didn’t know that her photo had been used as the reference picture for the film, at least, not until she was coincidentally at Disney Land and saw one of the design development boards on display at the Production Gallery room inside “The Magic of Disney Animation”. That’s one way to get your horse famous, I guess?

In short, both films were awesome and are very recommended. Even more so for their dedication to massively fuzzy horses who don’t usually get so much screen time.

lorekai: I don’t like jigsaws.

They are not fun, especially when you don’t know what the picture is supposed to look like.

Aside from that The Desolation of Smaug was finally released here today, and, a part from a few minor complaints, it was truly an awesome movie, I’d recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. Though, I wish I could say the same about the Doctor Who Christmas special, it was a very disappointing to Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor, though I did quite like Capaldi’s introduction.

I’m afraid that’s all I have to say today, have had two long and busy days. Hope everyone reading this has had a great holiday time, thanks for reading.