wildfillysama: Many forms of procrastination

As a side note, here is where I am currently procrastinating:

IMG_2006(Don’t go into the tower. It’s full of asbestos.)


There has been progress (of a sort) on the fiction writing side! Not in the writing-of-fiction sense of the word, just the logistics-of-fiction sense of the word.

I’ve decided to half (double?) my creative writing workload and turn my two fantasy-ish plots into one series.

Mostly this has been done because I was losing interest in one, but didn’t want to let all the work that had already been completed go to waste. I’m clingy like that. So, I’m now going to cross over EVERYTHING. And somehow make it all make sense (which, in fairness, was a problem that I was having anyway). Now, at least, everything will be worked on at once, so they stand a chance of being completed rather than surreptitiously brushed aside in favour of anything else. At the moment, my plan is to get all the groundwork sorted out in time for NaNoWriMo, including re-homing all the bits that have already been written, during which I will then commit to getting all the other stuff written out.

It feels like progress, I guess?

So, by next week’s post I need to report back on how it’s all looking (alternatively, how much cider I’ve consumed in the name of making this work/not work).


Other plans: There’s a convention happening on the 30th August!

Since there is a lot of doubt/fan debate/outright confusion over what the characters from “Welcome to Night Vale” look like, I think I’m going to seize this opportunity to cosplay as one. May have to request a visiting Alpha Nerd to bring me a wig, but otherwise the hardest part of the intended cosplay will just be drawing all over my arms first thing in the morning.


Further plans: I should really do some work… Signing off from amongst the stacks!

IMG_0942(Follow the light… it leads to the coffee shop).